The MOT (Motion) file format seems to be related to defining motions of a Pangya caddie.

The file name of a MOT file is the shortname of the caddie, also found in the IFF definition (e.g. bon for Papel).

File Structure

MOT files don't contain a lot of data, but it seems they contain a value tied to a state/event. The values are numeric and the states/events are korean strings.

Most caddies have following content in their MOT file:

2:달리기 // Running
1:기다리기 // Waiting
1:재촉하기 // Prompting
0:홀인원 // Hole-in-One
0:홀인 // Hole-In
0:실격 // Disqualification
0:찬스 // Chance

This is still to be investigated, but maybe the numeric value defines behaviour on that event happening, and 0 simply disabling it, as for Papel (bon) every single value is 0.