Update lists are files which tell the updater about patches and the changed/included files and metadata about those.

You can't read update lists right away, as they are encrypted using XTEA and the region-specific key, but once they are decrypted, they are a simple XML format.

A simple but invalid XML format, as it includes multiple root nodes, so conventional XML parsers will refuse to interpret it.

File Format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" standalone="yes" ?>
<patchVer value="GB.R7.852.00" />
<patchNum value="306" />
<updatelistVer value="20090331" />
<updatefiles count="2">
<fileinfo fname="binkawin.asi" fdir="\mss" fsize="56320" fcrc="-13704566" fdate="2013-10-22" ftime="07:41:57" pname="binkawin.asi.zip" psize="32364" />
<fileinfo fname="mssdolby.flt" fdir="\mss" fsize="7680" fcrc="-33883344" fdate="2013-10-22" ftime="07:41:56" pname="mssdolby.flt.zip" psize="2998" />


This value includes the name of the current version


This value includes the current iteration of the patch (patch index)


Version number of the updatelist specification


List of all files included


  • count - Number of files to be patched


File included in the patch


  • fname - File Name

  • fdir - Target directory of the file inside the game folder (empty = root)

  • fsize - File Size

  • fcrc - Checksum

  • fdate - Creation Date

  • ftime - Creation Time

  • pname - Package Name

  • psize - Package Size