The SEQ (Sequence) file format is animation sequencing/timing format, used to load Sprays at different times and positions, apply additional effects and loop them if required.

File Structure

SEQ files follow the same structure as SPR files, using a full line for a command. Additional to the general scripting used across SPR and SEQ files, SEQ files offer the ability to create named jump labels (e.g. loop_a:).

Inside the named loops, there are also timing definitions, written like labels, just with numbers (e.g. 0000:), the 4-number style let's us assume that the time unit is either milliseconds or frames.

If there is a command that only starts with a colon instead of a timing definition, it's probably a timeless function, related to the whole sequence, rather than a parent call or something else in the file, we just give it a timing value of null.

Sequence Commands

Calls to commands follow this structure:

[time]: [command] = [comma-separated arguments, parenthesis-wrapped lists]

You can find a reference sheet with all currently known commands in Documentation/Formats/SEQ/